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Here´s what a few of our customers have to say

"What a great idea! I like that only a donor can approve expenses and that the donor can determine what types of expenses to approve." - Lisa B.

"I wish this program had been around 5 years ago. I´ve been giving money to my nephew thinking he was spending it on books and tuition. It turns out he never went to school! With this program, I could have avoided losing my money and most of all, losing trust in my family." - Nena W.

"I'm thinking of retiring in the Philippines once I turn 65. Setting aside money to pay for my medical expenses in the Philippines is a good idea. Sterling Health Services Administration a good reputation in the US, so I know that I can have peace of mind in having my savings grow with Sterling." - Armando D.

"Sometimes, doctors and hospitals ask money up front before my relatives can be treated. I like that the Sterling Regalo program allows me the flexibility to authorize payment in advance!" - Mario S.

"I worry that my Tita isn't getting the money I send her. Now with this program and the security code that I give my Tita, I have peace of mind that she is the one getting my money." - Luis M.

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