Sterling Regalo Program Overview

Sterling Administration is proud to offer a safe and reliable way to ensure that the money you send to loved ones in the Philippines is used for their intended purpose, whether to pay for medical expenses or to fund education.

Much more than a simple money remittance transaction, the Sterling Regalo Program -- your Gift of Health and Gift of Learning -- are secure, donor-controlled accounts for people you care about.

Gift of Health
Gift of Health accounts provide an easy way to pay for your family´s healthcare and medical needs, ensuring that the money you send goes only toward qualified healthcare expenses. Designate anyone as your recipient, and maintain full control over how funds in the gift account can be spent.

Gift of Health accounts also allows those who intend to retire in the Philippines to save money for future medical needs. "Balik-Retirees" can set up a Gift of Health account while still employed and contribute funds in preparation for retirement.

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Gift of Learning
Giving a loved one the gift of education may be the greatest gift you can give, providing them with the foundation they need to succeed in life. It´s an investment in their future, a priceless legacy that lasts a lifetime.

Gift of Learning accounts provide a safe and reliable way to fund your loved one´s educational financing needs. Donors have full control over what expenses to approve, from tuition and fees to purchasing text books and school supplies.

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What our clients say

"What a great idea!  I like that only a donor can approve expenses and that the donor can determine what types of expenses to approve." - Lisa

"I´m thinking of retiring in the Philippines once I turn 65.  Setting aside money to pay for my medical expenses is a good idea.  Sterling Health Services Administration a good reputation in the US, so I know that I can have peace of mind in having my savings grow with Sterling." - Armando

"Sometimes, doctors and hospitals ask money up front before my relatives can be treated.  I like that Sterling Regalo allows me the flexibility to authorize payment in advance!" - Mario

"I worry that my Tita isn´t getting the money I send her.  Now with this program and the security code that I give my Tita, I have peace of mind that she is the one getting my money." - Luis