It´s easy to get started with your Gift of Health and Gift of Learning Accounts


Through Beneficial State Bank and Sterling Administration, donors enroll in the Sterling Regalo Program and open a Gift of Health and/or Gift of Learning account by completing a simple application online, by phone or by mail, specifying:

  • Donor information including contact information, social security number and date of birth.
  • Recipient designation including relationship, date of birth, and amount of funds to be made available.
  • Qualified Program Expenses covered by the gift account.
  • Security Code that the donor gives to each beneficiary to access funds for reimbursement.
  • Contribution Information including frequency, amount, and method of funding the account (electronic fund transfer or by sending a check)
  • Disbursement Information with bank account details and delivery method (bank transfer, cash card deposit or cash pick-up)

Once the account is set up, the donor notifies the recipient about the gift account, and how to access it.


Recipients in the Philippines can easily access funds in their Gift of Health and/or Gift of Learning account or get reimbursed for medical or educational expenses by filing a claim with Sterling, including:

  • Receipts showing service date, service provider´s information, and amounts due
  • Security Code to verify access to funds for reimbursement.
  • Once the claim form is received:
  • Sterling verifies that the items are qualified expenses and notifies the donor of the pending claim
  • Upon donor´s approval, funds are disbursed to the recipient through RCBC according to the delivery method indicated
  • Funds are delivered to recipients within 24-48 hours of donor approval
  • Recipient receives an email or text notification confirming the bank transfer

Donors can have peace of mind knowing that the funds are used for its intended purpose.

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