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Top 5 FAQs
How is the Sterling Regalo program different from a basic money remittance function?
The Sterling Regalo Program is donor controlled. Donors establish the parameters for how money in the Gift of Health and Learning accounts can be used by recipients. Donors also have the ability to authorize the release of funds before claims are paid to recipients. BACK TO TOP

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How does a donor set up a Gift of Health and Learning account for recipients?
Through Beneficial State Bank and Sterling Administration, donor clients enroll in the Gift of Health and/or Gift of Learning programs by completing a simple application. The application specifies the name(s) of the donor´s recipients(s), the amount of funds to be made available to each recipients, the types of medical or educational expenses they want to qualify for disbursement (hospital visit, doctor visit, prescription drugs or tuition, books, etc.) and a security identification code that the donor gives to each recipients to access money in their account. The donor client also sets up a contribution program and chooses the frequency, amount, and method (such as electronic funds transfer) of deposits to the recipient´s Gift of Health or Gift of Learning account.

Once the account is set up, the donor client notifies the recipients that money is available, how they want it to be used for medical care or education expenses in the Philippines, and how to access it. Sterling sets up beneficiary accounts with contribution and disbursement rules as specified by the donor client. Click here to see how it works. BACK TO TOP.

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What is the cost to set up a Gift of Health and Learning account?
There is a $15 one-time set-up fee and a minimum $100 initial deposit required per account. BACK TO TOP.

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How do recipients process claims and get money to pay healthcare or education expenses?
Gift recipients in the Philippines get medical care or complete educational programs and activities. They submit a claim form and receipts showing how much was paid and for what medical or educational services, along with personal identification and the security code to verify access to funds in the account. The security code and other identifying information are verified, the expense is checked to see that it is on the list of qualified expenses authorized by the donor, and the donor is notified that funds are pending release to the recipient. The claim form and receipts can be sent to Sterling by mailing to 28th Floor, Tower 2, The Enterprise Centre, Corner Paseo De Roxas and Ayala Avenue, Manilla, 1226 or by faxing to +632-886-5008.

Once the donor approves the funds transfer, Sterling notifies RCBC, its partner company. RCBC will remit funds to the recipient based on the donor´s specification. BACK TO TOP.

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Where are funds held that donors contribute to recipients accounts?
Beneficial State Bank in California holds the funds until they are released to RCBC for disbursement to recipients once Sterling Administration recieved the claims and the donor has approved it. BACK TO TOP.

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