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Cora M. Tellez has over 30 years of executive experience in the managed care industry and healthcare financing. In 2004, she founded Sterling Administration, an independent administrator of consumer directed health plans, including health savings accounts, health reimbursement arrangements, and flexible benefit plans, to enable individuals and employers to finance healthcare and save money. Then in 2011, Cora founded a subsidiary company, Sterling Self Insurance Administration, to provide self-insurance alternatives to employers looking for ways to further control the rising cost of healthcare. In the years since Sterling was founded, Cora has led her team to achieve excellent results in terms of account and revenue growth. Sterling is well established as a leader and expert in the industry. Cora serves as President and CEO of both companies.

Prior to Sterling, Cora served as President and CEO of Health Net of California and was responsible for health plan operations in a California, Oregon, Arizona, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania serving more than 3.6 million members with revenues of $8 billion.

Prior to Health Net, Cora also held the position as President and Chair at Prudential Health Care Plan of California overseeing the health plan operations serving 800,000 members, and as Senior Vice President and Regional CEO with Blue Shield of California.

Cora preceded her Blue Shield experience with a 15-year stint with Kaiser Foundation Health Plan. She joined Kaiser in 1978 as a staff assistant and culminated that chapter in her career as Vice President and Regional Manager of Kaiser's Hawaii health plan.

Cora is actively involved in various boards and community service work. She writes about consumer directed health plans and healthcare trends for industry publications. She is a frequent speaker at regional and national meetings and conferences on these topics. She was a former board director of Philippine International Aid and a founding member of Filipinos for Social Justice.