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Give the Gift of Health and the Gift of Learning
Donors in the US want a safe and reliable vehicle to help loved ones in the Philippines with healthcare and educational financing needs. The funding mechanism must be secure, as well as easy and convenient to use for both donor and recipients. Use of funds must also be exclusively for medical or educational needs. The
Sterling Regalo Program -- your Gift of Health and Gift of Learning -- is designed precisely for this purpose.

The Gift of Health program also allows those who intend to retire in the Philippines, but still travel to the U.S., to save money for future medical needs. "Balik-Retirees" can set up a Gift of Health account while still employed and contribute funds in preparation for retirement.
Who We Are
The Sterling Regalo program is administered by Sterling Administration, a California-based, privately held and financially self-sustaining company. Founded in 2004 by Filipina Cora M. Tellez, Sterling Administration provides administration services for a variety of healthcare financial products including health savings accounts, health reimbursement arrangements, and flexible spending accounts. Sterling Administration is highly regarded for its sterling quality of service and financial integrity. It enjoys support from thousands of clients who have entrusted their funds to Sterling.

An Advisory Board was created to provide advice and counsel to the Sterling Regalo program. The board is composed of Filipino leaders with deep expertise in healthcare, banking, finance and IT services.

Our program partners consist of established companies with long track records in their industries.
They are Beneficial State Bank and RCBC:
  • Program funds are held and managed by Beneficial State Bank , an FDIC-insured and SBA Preferred Lender headquartered in Oakland, California.
  • Disbursement of funds is managed through RCBC.
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